The symbol of Hioism is based on the look of a modern day golf ball on a tee. This symbolizes a few different key ideas.

          The first idea is that of balance. Perfect balance is needed in any life. A balance of friends and family, goals and time for oneself (or self-reflection), hard work and relaxation, and charity and self-gain, among many more. You need to find a balance in your life so you don’t risk others over yourself or yourself over others. These balances will bring peace in mind and body to those who are lucky enough to experience it. It is important to remember that this balance will not come easy or fast. It is the reward of constant dedication and hard work during your lifetime. Having this balance will also protect you against hardships that come your way. Just as the slightest breeze will push an unbalanced ball off a tee; your health, welfare, and life will be more resilient to adversity if it is balanced.

          In golf, the ball on the tee is a symbol of the start of the game or the start of a new hole. It relates to Hioism in the fact that the ball on the tee is the start of a new journey or a new chapter in your life. It's a new beginning. A fresh start. It symbolizes the fact that no matter

what happened previously, you have a chance to move on from it and redeem yourself.

          The third and probably most important symbol of the ball and tee is that when the ball leaves it, there is an infinite number of paths that ball can take. Sometimes you just have to swing and hope for the best. This is a great example of the path that your life is on. From where you are right at this moment there is an infinite number of paths your life can take. At any moment your life can do a full 180. It could be for the better, or it could be for the worse. The only way to find out is to swing and to trust that whatever path Par guides you in, it was meant to be. You are destined to be in the spot where you landed. There are no mulligans in life, so you need to trust the fact that the path you have been placed on is the right one.

          The symbol is altered slightly if you are a member of the Convocation. The markings alter dependent on the title you hold in the Convocation.

          When the title of Trip is achieved, the member receives the first mark. This mark, located on the top of the symbol stands for Introspection. Introspection is the act of looking inside of oneself. This is meant for the ability to see one’s own views, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses.

          When a Trip is promoted to a Deuce, they receive the second mark. The second mark, to the left of the first, symbolizes Extrospection. Extrospection is the observation of things external to the self. This is meant as a symbol for a member believing in the higher being Par.

          The third marking, placed on the right side of the symbol is awarded when a member reaches the position of Ace. The third mark symbolizes commitment. The commitment that is made for Par, the commitment towards other Hioists, and the commitment towards the good of Hioism.

          Finally, if a member reaches the title of Head Ace, he receives the fourth marking. The fourth marking, placed along the bottom edges, symbolizes guidance. This is to show that the member has received the guidance of Par and also, is able to correctly and expertly guide Hioists on their path to enlightenment.