Joining Hioism is fast and easy. Become a part of the most fulfilling and motivating religion and start on your path to true enlightenment today! Become a part of the family and culture that is Hioism and let Par guide you to truth and peace through his Nine Guides and the 18 Sacred Values. To Join, just follow the easy steps below:

1.  Send an email to Include your name and where you are from and you will be submitted into the Sacred Registrar of Hioists. You will also appear on this website under the "current members" section.

2.  You will receive an email acknowledging your admittance into Hioism. Once you receive this email, you will recite the Oath of Hioism (found in the Traditions and Beliefs/Oaths of Hioism section).


3.  If you wish to become a member of the Convocation of Hioism, please send an email to displaying your intent to join the convocation, and the name and purpose of the course you wish to open (if applicable). You may be a member of the convocation without running a course, and instead will be included in any and all decisions made for any and all courses.

4.  If you are accepted into the Convocation of Hioism, you will again recite the Oath of Hioism, while inserting the Oath of your appropriate title.


5. Any questions regarding these steps or questions regarding Hioism as a whole can also be sent to