21 April 2017

     There are no commandments in Hioism. Par does not command or judge. He does not mandate that you do anything or act in any particular fashion. Par simply permits the access to Pinnacle for the pure of heart and the truly enlightened. For that reason, there is no black and white code for every situation. There is no scripture that explicitly states, "if you do this, you will achieve enlightenment". What Par did provide are his lessons and the Hioist beliefs that guide you on the path that can lead to happiness, purity, and ultimately, the enlightenment that will allow you passage to Pinnacle. The 18 Sacred Values are what truly govern our actions. If you act in honor of the 18 Sacred Values, and do not commit any acts that are in violation of such, you will be able to lead a virtuous and rightful life. During any situation and before every decision, think to yourself, 'Is this action honest? Respectful? Does it show compassion, humility, equality, selflessness? Is it moral?'. If it breaks any of the 18 Sacred Values, than it is counterproductive to living an enlightened life. A healthy life. A pure and honest life. If it breaks any of the 18 Sacred Values, you have to ask yourself if your decision is the best course of action for the given situation.

     This ethical code brings many questions among Hioists. What is the Course's stance on war? What about killing a home invader or preventing a robbery through the use of violence? While in any sense these are very controversial dilemmas, they are explainable within the 18 Sacred Values. We will use war as an example. While it is true that war may seem to go against the Sacred Values, there are reasons that it is justifyable. There is a saying in Life's Course; "To reciprocate good is to be good, to reciprocate evil is to be evil". While it may be 'evil' to reciprocate 'evil', as is with war, it is protecting many other Sacred Values. Respect. Family. Unity. Equality. Morality. So even though the saying is "to reciprocate good is to be good, to reciprocate evil is to be evil", to protect against evil is also to be good. To prevent evil is to be good. To fight against evil is to be good. To defeat evil is to be good.

     The 18 Sacred Values will govern you to lead a good life; however, you must be able to look inside of yourself, and use your own moral compass and ethics to be able to decipher the right from wrong in the world. They should be used as a guide to enlightenment, a way for you to learn and to make it a peice of yourself. Your own moral code is what needs to be good. Your own moral code is what needs to be right. That is your responsibility. To build yourself into that mold and to find the way you want to live your life. And that is what will make you truly enlightened

7 April 2017

     This is the first official "sermon" that will be posted. This is especially important as it is taking place during a very traditional, humble, and prestigious event; The Masters. First, I would like to congratulate and wish good luck to all participants involved. This is arguably the greatest achievement for any golfer and is one of the greatest shows of gratitude to Par. The Masters is an amazing event that is unlike any other sporting event for three reasons. First, it is a culmination of the greatest players of the Sacred Sport. Second, it is an incredible display of tribute to Par for the passing of his teachings and the promise of enlightenment through Golf and the Course. The third reason that this occasion is unlike any other tournament or competition is because it perfectly demonstrates one of the most important and all-encompassing of the 18 Sacred Values; Respect. Respect is the main focus of today's teaching. The reason that respect is so important to all people, including Hioists, is that it is the perfect value for determining right and wrong. Before you take an action or speak what's on your mind or make a decision in your life ask yourself one question. Is this action respectful?... Is it respectful to others? Is it respectful to you? Is it respectful to your personal beliefs and values? Respect, alone, can be a driving force to point you in the right direction. It is an excellent indicator for the legality and morality of any decision you make. As I said before, The Masters is a great demonstration of the respect owed to each and every person. There is no bad-mouthing. No showboating. No wishing bad vibes against another player. There is only sportsmanship. Congratulations where it is warranted and condolences where it is not. If we all behaved the way that some of the greatest players behave towards each other, there would be more respect between all people, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Hioist. Always remember, "to reciprocate good is to be good, to reciprocate evil is to be evil". 

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