Pinnacle and Callow are the equivalents of the traditional and well-known "heaven and hell" concept in society, however there are many differences. Below is a simplified version of the story found in the Book of Par, which explains the creation of

Par, Bogey, Pinnacle, & Callow.


          When Par happened upon Earth and unknowingly created life on Earth, his first creation was of his paradise to share with this new life. This paradise was known as Pinnacle. It took Par millions of years to create Pinnacle and it was created using the vastness, perfection, and awe of the entire universe. Par made his home only accessible to the pure of heart, for those who have truly been enlightened.
          Without his knowledge, another being existed and had been
watching Par. This being was Bogey, and he had grown jealous of
Par's perfect home. When Par started his journey to further his
further his knowledge of the universe, Bogey attempted to take
over Pinnacle, but was unable to do so due to the fact that he was
not pure of heart, and was not truly enlightened. When his attempt
to take over Pinnacle was unsuccessful, Bogey launched a series
of attacks on Earth in an attempt to wipe out the life that came from
           Par was able to sense the attacks against Earth because of his
connection to it. He traveled back to protect the planet and the new
life that lived on it from this evil being.
          This meeting of Par and Bogey sparked the Merion War. This war was the greatest battle between these two forces and nearly killed both beings. The war lasted 10,000 years. During this time, Par risked himself countless times to save the planet he loved. Ultimately, Par defeated Bogey who retreated into the universe to recover.

While Bogey recovered, Par awaited the arrival of the lives on Earth to reach Pinnacle. Unfortunately, this was not the case as the beings were not reaching enlightenment on Earth, and therefore could not reach Pinnacle because they were not pure of heart, mind, and soul. Par decided to make his second creation. This place was known as Callow and it was to serve as a training ground after death. Callow would train the spirits who passed on to continue learning and reach enlightenment so that they may enjoy the paradise of Pinnacle by Par's side. Unlike Pinnacle, Callow was made in a way that allowed those who were not pure as heart to enter. Spirits who were not enlightened were able to travel to Callow, learn the necessary teachings and reach enlightenment to pass through to Pinnacle. Callow, however, had one flaw. Due to the fact that enlightenment was not needed to enter, Bogey
was able to gain access to Callow and take it over. He turned the trials and lessons of Callow into objects of torture and suffering. Bogey did this because of the envy that he held of the relationship between the beings of Earth and Par.
    Upon Par's return to Earth, he learned of this grand scheme and forever since has been fighting Bogey over the control of Callow so that he may still save all who enter Callow. Althought the obstacles in Callow are now used more for hatred and darkness than originally created, one is still able to use the teachings and lessons of Hioism to overcome these obstacles and become pure of heart, mind, and soul, and are still able to transcend into the perfection of Pinnacle.