The 9 Guides of Hioism are ideas and tools that you can use to help put your life on a path towards enlightenment. They are the main focuses of Hioism because The 9 Guides can help you find the best way through any situation. It is a motivation for accomplishments; and a way out of darkness. They can be used to push yourself and make yourself better through every obstacle and to always bring you back to the path of Par.


Balance: The first guide is that of “Balance”. This deals with many aspects of life and Hioism. Balance is essential to every action, way of life, and decision. Balance can mean many things. It can be a balance within you, or a moral balance of your beliefs, actions, thoughts, and feelings. It can be a balance of your actions, such as a balance of reward and punishment. Balance is very deeply rooted in Hioism, and is even used as a center ideology for the symbol of Hioism. Balance in your thoughts, decisions, actions, and life are an essential part of achieving enlightenment and embracing the ideologies of Par.


Outlook: This is your interpretation of the obstacle, situation, or moment in life that you have come to face, or will come to face. In tough situations, this could be the most important Guide. You must first realize the situation you are in or are going to come to before you can push forth with any effort to accomplish what you need to. You need to place your own perception on the circumstances you are in; otherwise you will never be able to see what needs to be done to keep you straight on your path. In short, how you view a situation will determine how you push through to reach your goal. This can be seen in golf as well. When you first come up to a hole, the first thing you do is develop an outlook on the situation. You need to be able to identify obstacles that may be in your path. You need to see what is standing in front of you before you can determine how to proceed. Outlook can also be interpreted by some as your own moral, ethical or even religious views. As mentioned earlier, Hioism is not required to be an individual’s sole religion and can instead be used as a means of strengthening your spiritual beliefs.


Stance: Your stance is a moral guide within yourself. It is how you determine the best decision to be made to continue on your path of Hioism. You must first provide yourself with an “outlook” of the circumstances and then figure out your “stance” based on it. What effects will this situation have on you? What effects will this situation have on others? What do you need to do to keep yourself on the straight path? How does this decision keep true to your beliefs? How will you carry on and conduct yourself based on what you have come to face? These are all questions that are the backbone to making the decision that best fits you and will help you along your journey, without losing sight on what is important.


Concentration: “Concentration” has multiple purposes. The first has to do with the concept of focus. Focus on your goals. Focus on your beliefs. Focus on the other guides of Hioism to help you succeed. Everyone needs focus to put all of their energy towards what they are trying to do, where they are trying to go, or who they are trying to help. Focus will also keep you motivated (drive) to stay on course and to keep your goal in sight. This brings us to the second meaning of concentration, which is the resistance to distraction. Never let anything get in the way of you and your goals, including yourself. Also, never let yourself get discouraged by any obstacles that stand in your way. Rely on the guides of Hioism and your faith in Par to guide you through them.


Aim: Your aim in life is the direction that you want to head to. There should be a central goal or achievement that you strive towards, and all of your efforts should be in the fight for that goal. The central aim of Hioism is the pure enlightenment for all. For every being to be able to possess this enlightenment is the Aim of Par and with Hioism, the aim of any person is achievable. 


Relaxation: “Relaxation” is the sixth guide of Hioism, but it is probably not what you are thinking. It is not necessarily taking time off and resting, or laying on a beach somewhere, although that may help reach its real meaning. The real meaning of relaxation in Hioism is to always take a step back to recognize and understand why you are on the path that you have taken. Take time to remember what is important to you (refer to The Nine Guides) and never lose sight of that. The reasons you are on your journey will also be your strongest tools for succeeding. They will restore your view, stance, drive, and concentration by offering you remembrance of what is truly meaningful to you. Having this restored motivation is what “relaxation” means in Hioism.


Assurance: Assurance is the trust that Hioism is guiding you and will lead you to what is meant for you. You need to trust that no matter the path you are on, it is what it is and that it is the path that has been chosen for you for a reason. That does not mean, however, that you don’t have the ability to choose your own fate or destiny through your decisions. It is not a predetermined path that you will wind up traveling along no matter what choices you make. It is merely the fact that, with the right choices, you will wind up where you are meant to be if you live a good life, live by the guides, and trust that Hioism will not lead you astray.


Drive: Your drive is any motivation for making good choices and doing right for yourself and others. It is your following in the Hioist beliefs and you’re your continuation of its practices. Your drive is your determination to keep on your path. You need drive to keep pushing yourself through any obstacle. Imagine yourself on a golf course. You can’t start without your drive. If you don’t have the drive, nothing will ever begin and nothing will ever be accomplished. A strong drive will always push you further along in your life. However, a drive needs to have aim, it needs to have stability, and it needs to have direction. 


Acceptance: “Acceptance” is the act of accepting Hioism into your lifestyle, your choices, your decisions, and your actions. It is not enough to merely trust that Hioism will guide you if you do not actually follow its lessons and guides. You are the creator of your destiny but Hioism is here to help you make the choices that will lead you there. As with all of the guides, the individual is subject to his own interpretation of the guides. It can also help as a positive influence on the mind. For example, if someone reaches any obstacle, acceptance can be as simple as them accepting that this obstacle exists. Accepting the obstacle is the first step to overcoming it, and therefore this guide can and will contribute greatly when used in this context. Acceptance also includes accepting consequences. There is a responsibility you take for you actions and consequences against bad choices. It is a way for you to own up to mistakes made in your life and do what is needed to rectify them. Nobody is perfect and Par understands that people will make mistakes. It is up to you to be honest enough with yourself and others to make them right. Acceptance also entails the ability to let go of past transgressions. Old conflicts, grudges, and pain must be let go in order for the mind, body, and soul to be strong enough to continue on your path. It is impossible to reach self-enlightenment with the past weighing on you. Forgive any wrongs that might have been done to you and seek forgiveness for any wrongs that you may have instilled on somebody else. If they do not provide this forgiveness, then you must be able to accept that as well. Do not carry that with you and let it tie you down and prevent you from accomplishing what you set out to do.