Like any major religion, there are certain holidays and notable dates that are celebrated by Hioists. Holidays are a great way to gather with family, friends, and like-minded individuals and enjoy celebrations of Par, his teachings, and the Sacred Game of Golf.


A Hioist celebrates their Myriad every 10,000 days. This day is celebrated as a tribute to the Merion War, which lasted 10,000 years, and is in honor of the protection that Par afforded for us all. A persons first Myriad is celebrated when they are 27 years, 145 days old.

A Myriad is celebrated much like a birthday; however, there are some important traditions involved. First, the highest ranking Hioist gives a speech to all involved about the Hioist celebrating their Myriad. The speech is ended with a toast to Par by drinking a mixture of lemonade and iced tea (Arnold Palmer, the Sacred Drink of Hioism) which is poured in each cup via a Claret Jug.

Leith Day

The first golf club was formed and initiated in Leith, Scotland. Because of this, it is believed that this is where Par first visited to pass on the game of golf to the masses to instruct his teachings. In 1560 a peace treaty was signed that halted military action from France and England against Leith, preserving this Hioist landmark.

In celebration of this, Hioists observe Leith Day on June 17th. To celebrate, a pair of Hioists drive two balls in unison; an homage to the two cannon shots fired from the Castle of Edinburgh to mark the end of hostilities. After the two balls are driven, the two Hioists speak the words: "To the protection of his history and his teachings. Praise be to Par." Involved parties are also encouraged to sip the Sacred Drink of Hioism after the shots to finalize the celebration.

Union Day

Union Day is celebrated on February 6th. Union Day is a holiday commemorating the day that Alan Shepard hit a golf ball on the moon. Because of the protection and love that Par has afforded to us, we were able to travel out of Earth, and into the universe that Par formed, learned his teachings in, and resides in. This ball being hit in space was marked as a union between Par and his children on Earth.

Union Day is celebrated very informally, with loved ones and other Hioists. Many times it is celebrated as a gathering and a big meal is served. There is not a traditional meal but, again, It is highly encouraged that the Sacred Drink of Hioism is served and consumed before the meal during a toast.