There are certain customs that are traditional to Hioists. They include every day customs or some that are used for celebrations. Just like most Hioist culture, they are not mandatory, but are encouraged to bring you a deeper understanding of the values of Hioism and a greater connection to Par. The Hioist traditions and customs are held dear to Hioists and are important puzzle pieces in bringing meaning, clarity, and enlightenment to the lives of all Hioists.



          There are many that like to pray or speak with their higher power for spiritual guidance. It gives the mind and soul a closer connection to their faith and can give them strength in times of doubt. There is a unique hand position that Hioists use for prayers. There is a picture below for reference.             










          The hands are placed at the waist the left hand below the right. The left index finger is then interlocked with the right pinky as shown above. The thumb of the left hand is placed inside the palm of the right hand. The hands are placed this way for specific reasons. The left side of the brain is the logical side, therefore, the left hand represents all people. The right side of the brain is the creative side, therefore, the right hand represents Par, the creator of golf and the teachings of Hioism. The interlocking fingers represents the connection between people and Par and the thumb in the palm of the right hand represents Par’s protection of all people. This is also the same hand position as the interlocking golf grip, strengthening the bond between golf and the ways of Hioism.



            It is also a common practice for Hioists to keep the symbol of Hioism on them at all times to remind them of their faith in Par and of the 9 guides. It is also recommended that, if a person is a member of the convocation, they keep the appropriate symbol to display their title and to always remind the member to keep true to their duties. It is a tangible item to look at and know that you are not alone and that Par will help you through any challenge you may face. See the 'Symbol' section for all meanings of the Hioist Symbol.


Sacred Drink of Hioism

         The Sacred Drink of Hioism is highly used in celebrations, (see 'Holidays' section for more details) however it is recommended to drink at any time to strengthen your connection to Par and center yourself spiritually. The Sacred Drink of Hioism is a 50-50 mixture of iced tea and lemonade, more commonly referred to as an 'Arnold Palmer'. This is a homage to a golf great and a Hioism Elitist.

Claret Jug         

          A Claret Jug is a specific type of jug, normally used for pouring wine (see below picture for referrence). For Hioism purposes, it is used in holiday traditions to serve the Sacred Drink to guests. The Claret Jug has long held a place in golf, even being used as a trophy for the Open Championship. Again, you can see the 'Holidays' section for more details on the use of the Claret Jug.