Hioism is, in and of itself, itself” is the Quote of Hioism, also known as the “Hioism Axiom”. But what does it mean? What this means is that Hioism is self-explanatory. Hioism is exactly what it says it is. Although there are deeper meanings to the stories and guides, they are clear and precise. There are no hidden meanings. Hioism is exactly what it claims to be and its traditions, rules, and customs are literal and straight-forward. 
          Another meaning to the Hioism Axiom is that there is nothing like Hioism. Hioism does not try to mirror any religion or its customs. Hioism is not pushed onto others. It is not claimed to be the one and only truth. Hioism is not meant for the rich, the poor, the intellects, the dullards, or any specific race, nationality, or belief. It is for everybody. And because it is for everybody, Hioism is not made for or expected to be the sole religion of any person. Members are encouraged to seek additional beliefs and spirituality through any means that fit them.