The 18 Sacred Values are core personality traits, characteristics, and beliefs that every Hioist should hold dear and attempt to exemplify. These values should be held during all decision making processes and should be exhibited through every day interactions with others. These are the guidelines that will lead you to a moral life and will truly show what it means to be a Hioist. When any person thinks of a Hioist, these are the traits that should automatically come to mind.

1. Honesty - Always tell the truth if the answer will be hard to hear. This not only applies to other individuals, but also to being honest with yourself as well. If you lie to yourself, you will never be able to gain knowledge and experience from your mistakes, just as if you lie to others, they will never be able to gain knowledge and experience from their actions.

2. Respect - Providing others with common decency and treating them well at all times, not for any specific reason other than the fact that they are a fellow human being.

3. Loyalty - Hiosts should not only practice loyalty to their families, friends, and loved ones, but also be loyal to Par and to Hioism. They should be loyal to the 9 Guides and the 18 Sacred Values and, most of all, loyal to themselves. Know who you are, and what you stand for, and never go against those feelings or your own beliefs, no matter what opposition you face along the way, or no matter what anyone else tries to tell you or push you towards.

4. Family - Family is the most important thing to anyone. Families have unconditional love for eachother. Family is also not just a blood relation. Your family can be your close group of trusted friendsm or other Hioists. We expect Hioists to treat each other as family and to show this unconditional love and respect towards one another.

5. Patience - It is true that patience is a virtue. All aspects of life require patience to succeed. If all things were simple and came easily, there would be no joy in acheiving them. Hard work and dedication lead to success and patience is required to keep trying again and again until you succeed.

6. Compassion - All Hioists should show compassion to all. Show otheres empathy and love and help them in times of need and that kindness will be returned to you. No person is perfect and it is important to remember that and feel for others as you would want them to feel for you.

7. Perseverance - Perseverance goes hand-in-hand with Patience. Perseverance is the act of trying over and over and not giving up in times of opposition. Use your beliefs and the 9 Guides to help you push past your obstacles and succeed in your goals, and, no matter how cliche it may sounds, never give up on yourself or your desires.

8. Unity - Unity is the coming together of everone in the aim to acheive a common goal. This is important in Hioism because the path to enlightenment is not a simple one, but will be made easier and more fulfilling with the support and help of your Hioist family. Acting together as one unit will provide all people with encouragement they may need to carry on along their path.

9. Ambition - No goal or acheivement can ever be reached without ambition. Ambition is the driving force to allow you to find your purpose to do what you do. This is very important for Hioists and will also be extremely when helping others. Having the ambition to go out and help others is the only way to find where you are needed.

10. Dependability - Make yourself available and be the person that others can count on. Have the ability to do what is asked of you and expected of you. You should always be trusted and never have anybody doubt that you can carry out what you say you will do. This is an especially important for the members of the Convocation as they are depended upon to fulfill what is needed to better the Hioist Course.

11. Discipline - Be disciplined in everything you do. Act professionally and act like an adult. People do not want to be led by someone who is not professional, and Hioism is based on people who know what needs to be done, what is expected of them, and people who can apply the 9 guides and the Sacred Values correctly in their lives.

12. Equality - Always treat all others equally. Hioism does not tolerate any kind of discrimination against another race, gender, age, or even religion. If others choose that Hioism is not right for them, that will not be held against them. "Par Does Not Judge" and that is a characteristic that should apply to all Hioists. This value also goes hand-in-hand with "Respect" and "Unity". If you are not displaying equality, it is impossible to show others respect and to act as a single unit

13. Faith - Your belief in Par, the 9 Guides, the 18 Sacred Values, the teachings, traditions, and beliefs of Hioism, and your belief in humanity as a whole. Your faith is what keeps you on your path, even when things seem not to go your way or your beliefs are challenged. Faith is what helps you to believe in yourself, others, and in Par.

14. Selflessness - Practicing selflessness in your actions will lead you to better other lives around you. You should always have generosity towards fellow Hioists and non-Hioists alike. Hioism is all about leading you on a path to enlightenment and enlightenment cannont be reached without the satisfaction of making someone else's life better. Others should be able to look at Hioists as caring and generous people and trust them to help in times of need.

15. Humility - Never brag about your actions or your life. Be humble and know that every person is just as important in the Eyes of Par. Practice your 18 Sacred Values and do it for the love or yourself, your family, other Hioists, and all people on this Earth; do not do it for the fame, recognition, or the rewards that come with it, other than the reward of the satisfaction of helping others.

16. Morality - Morality is all about knowing the difference between right and wrong and commiting yourself to always act the right way and to be ethical in all of your actions. All people have an internal moral and ethical code that they must always adhere to. These values can all be staples in your moral code and can help to build the basis of your decisions and actions.

17. Restraint - Do not give in to temptations that might lead you to stray from your path. You must always have self control to be able to avoid obstacles, avoid going against your moral code, or from slowly drifting away from the 18 Sacred Values. Restraint must be exercised to allow yourself to take a step back and determine the correct path to take or the correct action to take to any given circumstance.

18. Growth - You must always have the ability to grow and to learn from your experiences. Every day, you are faced with the chance to overcome opposition, and to take the lessons learned and build upon them. You must allow yourself to be able to evolve and adapt to situations and to the ever changing phases of life.

          The 18 Sacred Values, along with the 9 Guides, will lead you to making the correct ethical choices to any situation you encounter on your journey to enlightenment. The Sacred Values will also provide an example for others to emulate, of how every person in the world should act towards one another, and of the values and characteristics that caused Par to love the Earth and the beings upon it. They are the values that bond us to Par.