“Par Does Not Judge”

Hioism is not meant for the rich, the poor, the intellects, the dullards, or any specific race, nationality, or belief. It is for everybody. Hioism is not made for or expected to be the sole religion of any person. Members are encouraged to seek additional beliefs and spirituality through any means that fit them.

         "Infinite Paths Await"

Hioists believe that from any point in your lives, there are infinite paths that could be taken. Hioism and The 9 Guides are the tools needed to take the step in the right direction. Par will lead you down the path destined for you, the path that will lead you to happiness, and enlightenment.

        “Praise Be To Par”

Par can guide you to pure enlightenment of the mind, body, and soul through his teachings. Par can bring balance, love, and happiness into your life and the lives of loved ones around you. Par is the answer to all of the questions and doubts in one’s life.